Ferrarino: coin from Marquisate of Ferrara (Italy)
Euro: coin from Republic of Lithuania; 2015-...
Banovac: coin from Province of Slavonia (Hungary)
Scherf: coin from Duchy of Pomerania-Wolgast-Stolp
Chiao: coin from Empire of Manchuria; 1/10 yuan
Error coins: mint-made errors (phenomenon in numismatic)
Lirasi: coin from Republic of Türkiye
Qiran: coin from Sublime State of Iran (Persia)
Tangka: coin of Tibet (1763-1930); 1½ sho
Pentonkion: coin of Messina (Sicily, Ancient Greece)
Złotówka: coin of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (4 grosze)
Teston: coin from Duchy of Lorraine (France)
As: coin of Roman Empire; 1/10 denarius
Tanka: coin from Sultanate of Jaunpur (India)
Leper colony coins: Colombian leprosarium coinage
Tetradrachm: coin of Kushan Empire (Ancient India)
Pya: coin from Union of Burma; 1/100 kyat
Tank: coin from Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Karbovanets: coin of Ukraine (1995-1996)
Sestertius: coin of Roman Empire; 1/4 as